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Wise is the ideal place to enjoy great food and excellent drinks. Located in Brooklyn, Wise provides its customers with creative New American Cuisine dishes that are made with the finest ingredients and taste amazing. Inside you will find a multi-zone space with a terrace, two halls (banquet and private room), roofed outdoor space, private rooms and much more! We take great pride in what we serve which is why we know that our customers will receive only the best from us. Join us and have a taste of what we offer, we promise you will love it!


All of the dishes served at Wise are of the highest quality and taste incredible. We use only the best ingredients and the greatest techniques to ensure that all of our food is truly exceptional. A love for food is the center of our culinary philosophy and this idea inspires our remarkable menu. We are very passionate about our craft and invite you to enjoy and share our interest in delicious food.
- Chef Aleksandr Bogachek

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